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Earth Choice, product review

Recently I started to look at brand alternatives to Eco store that were cheaper/ more in our price range and came across Earth choice a few time, so I Baugh a few products to try out in our home.

Breastfeeding 🤱🏼 miss A

From the moment miss A first latched I fell in love with breastfeeding, even years later I miss it. I was always told Miss A had a good latch. First contactShortly after she was feeding We did however have trouble with miss A gaining weight (not getting fat) she only very steady putting on a... Continue Reading →

Perth Christmas Pageant

We got the train up to the city hoping to watch the Christmas pageant, when we got there it was very busy and hard to find a spot. We ended up going home just after the pageant had started 😭. I was so excited to take miss A to her first Perth Christmas pageant 🙂,... Continue Reading →

Miss A’s Birth Story

We fell pregnant with miss A when I was 20 and her daddy (Michael) was 24. There were no complications during her pregnancy 🤰, apart from being constantly sleepy. 28th of August 10th of September14th of Septembergoing to engagement party for michaels cousin23rd of September 7th of November 5th of December 22nd of January 2nd... Continue Reading →

Perth royal show

We decided a few days before to go to the Perth royal show and guess what it was great!! 🙌 Miss A had so much fun, it was definitely a redemption from our first attempted visit in 2017. Click here to read about it When we first arrived miss A’s daddy wanted to get show... Continue Reading →