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About Us

We are a family of 3 👨‍👩‍👧 living in Madurah (Perth, WA). Mummy, Daddy and miss A 🙂

About Mum (Renee): I run our Social media, love to cook 👩‍🍳 (get my recipes from, I like to read (favourite genre is young adult fiction), I live for Manga and Anime and love to wear alternative/cute clothes, my favourite place to get these is Etsy. Growing up I went camping and fishing a fair bit and I throughly enjoyed those holidays.

About Dad (Michael): Michael is usually taking the photos or videos (because I make him), he enjoys gaming

About Miss A (Ally): As a toddler Miss A enjoyed getting out of the house and exploring (she wasn’t interested in toys), even now as a little girl she enjoys getting out the house and doing an activity over staying home and playing with her toys. She loves to dance sing and does gymnastics, she loves to wear her La Sienna pretty’s and has recently started to wear and want her Sparkly Little Divas a lot more.

Why I started this blog

Since I keep writing “blog” posts on instagram I thought I will finally create a space to post them so our instagram can just become captions again. Ive thought about this for a while, since I started redoing our instagram account and especially when I saw the posts were getting longer.

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