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Earth Choice, product review

A number of years ago now, shortly after I had miss A I started to look more at non toxic cleaning products (for the environment not because I had a baby). I also got interested in clothe nappies and through clothe nappies I was introduced to a cleaning brand called Eco Store, sadly they have always been out of our price range.

Recently I started to look at brand alternatives to Eco store that were cheaper/ more in our price range and came across Earth choice a few times, so I bought a few products to try out in our home.

Stain Remover: I was really impressed with how the test went, this bag is very old and so are the stains. Nearly all the stains came out and the ones that didn’t I feel maybe just need a soak. I will definitely be sticking with this stain remover from now on.

Dishwasher liquid: super impressed with this as we only used a minuscule amount and it created so much suds (bubbles) and cleaned the dishes really well. The dishes still smelled of the red apple scent afterwards.

Laundry liquid: I’m very impressed with how clean miss A’s lunch bag came out. I did wash it and then give it a spray after with stain remover and a rinse wash as it was still dirty. Once again due to the old stains it could have done with a soak.

Usually I get laundry powder but I have heard it can clog your washing machine pipes and is not as good for the environment, so I decided to give the laundry liquid a go.

Toilet cleaner: toilet came out very clean and sparkling, and smells so nice. Will definitely look at getting this product again.

I bought these products from chemist warehouse for $15, they were about $2 each.

Bathroom cleaner: I have used this twice now (once a week I clean the bathroom) and it cleans everything really well, super sparkly and smells amazing

Multipurpose spray: the top of our washer tends to get neglected, the multipurpose cleaned the top so easily (it was last cleaned a year ago)


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